As first-time home buyers, the process of finalizing the deal on your dream home can seem a bit difficult to complete. Once your offer was accepted, your next step is to get a home inspection. If you have never been through the process of buying a home, this step may seem unfamiliar. We have compiled a list of a few things every buyer should know about the home inspection.

Which Inspector Should You Use

Use a trusted inspector your real estate agent trusts. You also want to make sure the home inspector is certified because they are specifically trained on how to identify problems.


During the inspection, the inspector will identify any problems with the house and will go over the Seller’s Property Condition Disclosure. This statement lists any known damage to the home that the seller’s are aware of. Once the inspector is done, they will give you suggestions on what needs to be fixed. There are some things inspectors wont check such as wells, septic systems, fireplaces/chimneys, etc. These are usually looked at by a specialist if you or your inspector suspects a larger issue.

What Home Inspections Cover

A home inspector identifies any discoverable problems with the house — generally, problems that can be seen without tearing down walls or using any type of scoping. They will look at the following (not limited to):

  • Foundation and basement.
  • Heating and cooling systems.
  • Condition of windows.
  • Condition of doors and door frames.
  • Condition of floors, walls and ceilings.
  • The interior attic (if accessible).
  • The condition and age of the roof.
  • Electrical Systems including electrical wiring, outlets, breaker boxes, and panels.
  • Visible Plumbing components.
  • General on/off and basic functionality of major appliances.


No single inspection will cover every aspect of your new home. However, just because something isn’t inspected initially, it doesn’t mean it can’t be inspected. Contact your real estate agent if you believe additional inspections are needed.

Once the inspection is done, the inspector will give you a list of home repairs he suggests getting done. Make sure professionals to do the work and provide you with all repair estimates and invoices to prevent you from any hassle in the future.

If you have any additional questions about your home inspection, please contact your agent and they will be happy to help.

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